Graham John Bell

London born, Los Angeles based Award Winning photographer

...transporting works with a certifiably magic eye. They unfold journeys of identity, bushwack through urban jungles, and embrace our most seductive dreams.
— Daniel Antonio Barron. Yay! LA Magazine



Awards /

UCLA VIsual Arts


Face Off Final 50





Red Bull


Everyday Minerals 

No Kid Hungry

Gingger Shankar


An excellent fashion photograph does not simply show the clothes that are to be advertised though it; remember that, after a couple of months, the merely retail value of a product dies away but images “emancipate” and can go down in history forever precisely because of the social, psychological and cultural zeitgeist they depict. Because they go beyond what they advertise and portray - “voice” – a world, a dream, an era and a vision.
— di Alessia Glaviano - Senior Photo Editor Vogue Italia