Graham John Bell - Home of the Brave collection

Graham John Bell - Home of the Brave collection


“Home of the Brave” Collection

Graham John Bell’s artistry has been described in the press as "transporting with a certifiably magic eye that unfolds journeys of identity that bushwacks through urban jungles and embracing our most seductive dreams."

No other work expresses this better than his latest collection of imagery showcased on streetwear. It invokes questions around identity and society, while being referred to as the bastard lovechild of Vivienne Westwood and Helmut Newton.

As a London-born, award-winning photographer, Graham’s inspiration for this project stems from a belief that people can love whomever they choose and wear whatever they please to express and empower who they desire to become. Its manifesto implies that women have a right to choose-healthcare, fashion and sexual expressionall reflecting a sense of “home of the braveand land of the free as experienced in the year 2023-not1776.

The artist’s visual arts education began with an early study in the Strobism movement (late ‘80s). Later, Graham studied photography at University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), where he was awarded top honors for “mastery”and “excellence” by a professor who worked with “the greats:” Irving Penn, Richard Avedon, Helmut Newton and more.

Graham’s extensive experience in the international music scene shaped his unique cultural perspective, while allowing him behind-the-scenes access to capture micro seconds of history that will never be repeated.

Today, he has mad respect for Alexander McQueen and continues to be committed to capturing pivotal cultural moments in his artbe it in photos, garments or whatever is up next.“Home of the Brave” is launched at New York Fashion Week, September 8th 2022.

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